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Providing expert training to the island’s HCPs, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists.

We believe the key to a well-organized island-wide asthma education program is to have a well-trained multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals, working together delivering clear consistent care.



  • Update/Beginner Workshops – Each year we offer (two) ½ day workshops to update health care professionals on the latest internationally accepted best care practices for Asthma and COPD. We also review/teach: common triggers, locally available treatments, proper usage of inhalers, proper spacer technique and more.   Annual attendance averages 50 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and/or physiotherapists.
  • Specialized Topic of Asthma and COPD Workshops – Each year we organize offer (two) full day workshops, bringing to Bermuda an International Expert in the field of Asthma and/or COPD. Various relevant and current topics are detailed throughout the day, along with multiple sessions provided by our Open Airways Team and other local partners.  Annual attendance averages 100 doctors, nurses, pharmacists and/or physiotherapists.
  • Individual Group Workshops are held throughout the year when requested. For example: workshop for Bermuda College Nursing Assistants, dinner/workshop with the Bermuda Pharmacists Association and many more.

To arrange a workshop contact: 536-6060 [email protected]



  • The Partners Asthma Centre - We work closely with Harvard Professor, Dr. Christopher Fanta, founder of The Partners Asthma Centre at The Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Dr Fanta is passionate about teaching the specialized skills of asthma care to health care professionals.

He has established an excellent 6 hour e-learning course called ‘Becoming an Asthma Educator”

For more information - go to

You can also look at his Asthma Grand Rounds lectures on YouTube which are free of charge.


  • Education for Health (UK) (formerly the National Respiratory Training Centre – NRTC)

Education for Health offers many respiratory courses at different levels from 1-day workshops to Diploma and Degree level courses in asthma, COPD, spirometry, allergy, smoking cessation, and more.

These courses are validated with credits from the Open University, UK.

For more information go to


  • Diploma Courses

Over 200 health care professionals in Bermuda have successfully received their Respiratory Diploma, a 6-month in-depth course.  Many of the courses are now available as e-learning courses opening up the opportunity for many more professionals to take advantage of this excellent option.


Open Airways encourages physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists who would like to specialize in the care of asthma patients to take the 6-month e-learning diploma course in asthma or COPD.  If interested, please contact Open Airways: 536-6060 or [email protected]

Scholarships Available - Open Airways will offer scholarships for the asthma and diploma courses to those who work in key areas and who plan to work in Bermuda for several years to come. 


One hour of your life may change your life - it may even save your life!



  • FREE one-on-one private Asthma consultations – we encourage everyone who has asthma to have a private one-hour consultation with one of our specially trained asthma nurse educators. These consultations can take place in the home (preferable), in the office, over the phone, online and via email.

Home visits can be arranged if this is more convenient especially for the elderly or parents with young children. Also for anyone wanting their home environment assessed for potential triggers.

Our nurse will work with the patient’s doctor to set up a personal Asthma Action Plan.

To arrange a consultation contact: 536-6060 [email protected]


Our goal is to help you understand asthma symptoms, understand the medications, know how and when to take them and to know when to seek help if asthma is getting worse. Also learn how to avoid triggers.  We want you to be able to lead a full active life, free from asthma symptoms – no more coughing wheezing or sleepless nights resulting in:-

    • Fewer visits to the doctor
    • Fewer visits to Emergency Department
    • Fewer hospital admissions
    • Fewer days missed from school or work
    • No asthma deaths
    • Huge savings in health care


  • FREE one-on-one private COPD consultations – One hour consultations are also offered for patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Patients learn to understand their illness, understand the medications and know how and when to use them. They are also taught to recognize when their condition is getting worse and know when to seek help. Our nurse will work with the patient’s doctor to set up a personal management plan to hopefully avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

To arrange a consultation contact: 536-6060 [email protected]


We aim to never miss an opportunity to help someone with asthma or other breathing difficulties.

We get out in the community whenever and wherever possible to reach those people who may need help and who may never make an appointment.


    • Lively WorkshopsLively FREE one-hour workshops with clubs, in workplaces, to church groups, Seniors clubs and more.
    • Summer Camp Workshops -Workshops geared specifically to camp counselors who may be looking after children with asthma.
    • Health FairsOpen Airways nurses attend health fairs throughout the year offering asthma education and prevention and follow-up consultations when necessary.
    • Our customized online ‘Supporting Children’s Health’ course – this free 45-minute online course was created in collaboration with Education for Health and the George Coller Memorial Fund, and is targeted specifically to anyone who has children with asthma and/or works with children who have asthma.
    • Our Azmobiles – Our Azmobiles have proven to be much more than just vans transporting our nurses around the island. People may stop and seek help wherever and whenever they see one of our Azmobiles. Our nurses answer questions, give advice, distribute spacers, booklets and leaflets distributed and appointments are made by the side of the road, at the supermarket and even the gas station!
  • Talk Shows & Radio Broadcast -Aimed to reach the community to spread awareness.
  • World Asthma & COPD Daysto be available to anyone in the community to raise awareness of the best practice for Asthma and COPD care.  We typically celebrate World Asthma Day (1st Tuesday in May) on the City Hall steps with trained asthma health care professionals providing expert advice and assistance to all attending.  Past celebrations have included local schools and musicians providing musical entertainment and a lively atmosphere, with colorful banners and bubble machines.
  • Community Pop-up events – offered at various times throughout the year at various locations. Our most popular event in recent years has been our ‘Santa Spacer’ pop-up.
  • Smoking CessationOpen Airways offers The Allen Carr EASYWAY to Stop Smoking Seminars. The frequency of the seminars offered is based on demand.
  • Facebook and Instagram – Open Airways has an active social media presence providing regular information to both our followers and the general public regarding relevant asthma related news as well as tips, techniques and information about our upcoming events. Please follow us here:
  • Educational booklets, flyers, posters and videos – Open Airways creates, publishes and distributes a wide variety of informational tools. For more information – (link to below anchor)

If you would like additional information, please contact: 536-6060 [email protected]


Open Airways has established an island-wide asthma education program which has been quoted at international conferences as a model of excellence.  We believe that young children learn easily, as they will be the next generation of adults, we hope to make a difference for many years to come.


  • School Registry

Open Airways has developed an annual school registry for all students ages 4-18.

This registry is accessible online and provides local asthma healthcare providers, as well as the ministries of Health and Education, the ability to track and ensure proper supports are in place for students with asthma. The registry is facilitated through a collaboration of The Bermuda Department of Education, The Bermuda Department of Health, The Bermuda Hospitals Board Asthma Education Centre and Open Airways (Bermuda Registered Charity #458). 


  • School Fairs, PTA and Teacher, Summer Camp Counselor Workshops:

Schools, teachers, parents and camp counselors have presentations from our nurses throughout the year.


  • Lively School Assemblies:

Open Airways realized the importance of educating ALL of our children (not just those with asthma) about breathing freely.  Through lively school assemblies, children learn about good air quality and asthma triggers and learn how to avoid them.


  • Free Online Course – Supporting Children’s Health – ASTHMA

Our customized online ‘Supporting Children’s Health’ course – this free 45-minute online course was created in collaboration with Education for Health and the George Coller Memorial Fund, and is targeted specifically to anyone who has children with asthma and/or works with children who have asthma.


This program helps anyone with Asthma/COPD who is unemployed, un-insured or under insured and experiencing economic hardship, by providing financial assistance to purchase their vital doctor prescribed medications to control their Asthma or COPD.  We also provide and require an initial free one-on-one consultation with one of our nurses, as well as continuing periodic visits.


Please contact:  536-6060 [email protected]


Spacers (for use with inhalers)

Inhalers are not easy to use; coordinating your breathing to ensure the medication reaches your airways is tricky.

We recommend everyone, regardless of age, use a spacer.


Spacers are distributed (free of charge) in the schools, at health fairs, workshops, seminars, PTA meetings and more, or call 536-6060 or email [email protected] if you need a new spacer.

Pillows as part of our Pillows for Prevention program are given to every child with asthma in primary schools annually. The aim is to teach children a lifelong habit of replacing pillows every year as little things makes a big difference!

Our Mission

Open Airways is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of over 8,000 people in Bermuda whose lives are affected by asthma and other long-term breathing difficulties.

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Nurse: (441) 536-6060 - [email protected]

Info: (441) 238-3261 - [email protected]


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Registered Charity #458

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