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Liz Boden

Liz Boden completed her training as a pediatric nurse at The Great Ormond Street Hospital For Sick Children in London in 1967. She then undertook an additional year of training at the Royal London Hospital to become a registered nurse. She graduated with honours and received the nursing prize for her graduating class of 160 students.

Liz came to Bermuda in 1969 and worked for two years at the King Edward Memorial Hospital before accepting a job in Dr. Cressall’s office working as a pediatric nurse, specializing in child development.

In 1992 Liz received a diploma in asthma care from the National Asthma Training Centre in the UK after completing a six month distance learning programme.  In 1994 she set up her own business, The Nurses Practice Ltd. and began offering asthma education in addition to offering childbirth classes and child development screening. That same year she became an instructor for the National Asthma Training Centre in UK allowing her to teach health care professionals to diploma level in asthma care. Since then over 240 physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists have completed the Diploma in Asthma Care under her instruction.

In 1997 Liz co-founded the Bermuda registered charity, Open Airways and has been its inspirational leader ever since, working tirelessly.  In 1999 she was voted Nurse of the Year for Bermuda.  In 2000 Liz received a professional award from the Department of Health for outstanding contribution to the field of public health.  In 2006 she was the recipient of the annual Salute to Service award from The Bermuda Health Foundation.  In 2007 Liz received the Queens Certificate and Badge of Honour for her work in asthma care in Bermuda.

The success of Open Airways and the island wide multi-disciplinary asthma education programme has resulted in a staggering reduction of admissions to hospital for asthma (83% reduction since Liz began offering asthma education), and details have been published in international respiratory journals, with Bermuda being quoted as a model for other countries around the world.

Liz has boundless energy and enthusiasm for her work with asthma and COPD patients and is determined to make a difference.

Liz can be reached by email at: [email protected]

Our Mission

Open Airways is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of over 8,000 people in Bermuda whose lives are affected by asthma and other long-term breathing difficulties.

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