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Is your Asthma well-controlled?


  • Do you have asthma symptoms more than twice a week? (cough, wheeze, tight chest)
  • Do you use your reliever/emergency blue inhaler more than twice a week?
  • Do you use more than two (2) reliever/emergency blue inhalers in a year?
  • Do you ever wake at night with asthma?
  • Do you ever have to restrict activities due to asthma?

If the answer is YES to ANY of these questions, your asthma is NOT well-controlled.


 Take control of your Asthma.

  • See your doctor annually – make sure you have the RIGHT diagnosis and the RIGHT treatment.
  • Call an Asthma Nurse – get asthma education.
  • Talk with your pharmacist.
  • Know how and when to take your inhalers.
  • Have a Personal Asthma Action Plan – learn how to recognize when your asthma is getting worse.

(Feel free to download form and take with you to annual doctors visit.)

  • Know what to do in an acute asthma episode (Asthma Attack)
  • Avoid your triggers.

Our Mission

Open Airways is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of over 8,000 people in Bermuda whose lives are affected by asthma and other long-term breathing difficulties.

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